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Beautiful Belligerence - The Rebel
Title: Beautiful Belligerence - The Rebel
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana; Quinn/Rachel
Rating: M
Summary: They say that you can only hate someone if you once loved them, so when Brittany and Quinn start at an exclusive private boarding school, and Santana hates Brittany from the first moment, was it really love at first sight?
Chapter Summary: Everything about the girl both fascinated and annoyed Quinn, and she found herself suppressing a scream as the lesson progressed when Rachel started writing the letters FH surrounded by love hearts in her note book, the simple sound of the pen scratching on the paper enough to drive Quinn crazy.
A/N: Sorry this update took me so long, I have just got a new job, end of term exams, etc, so I apologise. I hope you all enjoy this chapter, please let me know what you think. xx


"What is a glee club?"

Quinn turned to her sister, her eyebrows raised and her bottom lip caught in between her teeth at the thought of her sister asking such an obvious question.

She was used to it of course; she had been the one to answer all of Brittany's obvious questions for as long as she could remember, always asked in that innocent yet serious tone, and always able to make Quinn smile. She was glad that even at this new school, in this new environment that her sister still somehow managed to hold on to her innocence. Quinn on the other hand found herself clutching at the girl she had once been, trying her hardest to show to those around her the hard shell that she had maintained so well at her old school that at Douglass, she seemed to have lost her hold on.

"You remember the movie Sister Act 2?" Quinn asked, waiting for her sister's nod before continuing. "Well, they were sort of like a glee club, it's where they sing and dance in front of an audience and try and win competitions like we do for the Dazzlers."

Brittany seemed to take a moment to process the information before she spoke again. "Your friend, the one with the nose, she saw me practicing for Dazzlers the other day and she told me I should join glee club."

Quinn felt her eyes go wide, "Why would you think I was friends with Rachel?"

Brittany's signature confused look crossed her features, her eyebrows furrowed low, her head titled slightly to the right and she narrowed her eyes in the direction of her sister. Quinn called it the Brittany head, something she would send in a text when she was confused about something, and demonstrate in person. The look was one of the other blonde's most endearing qualities in Quinn's mind, once again attesting to the blonde's innocence.

"Rachel and I are not friends," she continued, knowing that Britt had conveyed her confusion well enough not to voice it. "She is my lab partner, I don't even like her."

And she didn't. She found the girl completely infuriating, the way she spoke with a tone that showed to everyone around her that she was superior, at least in her own eyes. The girl managed to exert confidence and self-doubt at the same time, and the confusion surrounding her and the time that Quinn spent trying to decipher the girl infuriated her even more.

Then there was the girl's boyfriend. He added to the girl's irritating qualities, taking up half the hallway all on his own, walking with his girl on arm, a goofy smile on his face while Rachel looked up at him with something akin to adoration.

Really it was disturbing and Quinn told them so.

"I saw you talking to her the other day in the hall. You were acting like she was your friend."

Quinn rolled her eyes. "Please, I'm more inclined to be friends with Tina."

She heard the words leave her lips but for the life of her she didn't know why they had. She was grateful to Tina for taking her sister under her wing, for allowing the girl to have an outlet other than herself, but if she was honest, she was jealous that the girl got to spend so much time with her sister while their time together was almost non-existent.

There were few times in their relationship over their years of living together as a family that Brittany had gotten angry at Quinn. Though Brittany lacked what Quinn called a bitch filter and sprayed whatever came into her mind out of her mouth, there was usually little to no malicious thought behind them. Quinn on the other hand had a firm handle on her own filter, spilling out comments when they suited her, making the insults all the more cruel. Brittany knew this and when Quinn's filter failed her, Brittany was usually the unsuspecting victim.

"Britt I didn't mean-" but it didn't matter, Brittany had already collected her book bag from the table and started walking away.

The blonde shook her head at herself, looking back down at the bowl of oats that was completely untouched and pushed it away. Coach Sylvester would have been proud.

"Finally!" she heard from beside her, in a somewhat breathless whisper, "I thought she would never leave and… I have news."

It was Mary-Ann, joining her no doubt from her table across the room where she sat with their housemates and Klara, a fellow Dazzler. Klara, not to Quinn's surprise, turned out to be right behind Mary-Ann when Quinn turned away from her retreating sister's back and looked at them with a sigh.

Mary-Ann was a blonde girl of medium height with dark green eyes that shone brightly with excitement when Quinn looked at her. Klara on the other hand was a tall, too skinny girl who looked almost fragile but was in reality, stronger than most of the girls on the Dazzlers. Quinn found herself attached to Mary-Ann and her best friend from day one after being accepted onto the cheerleading squad and then discovering that Mary-Ann was her new roommate. Luckily, the two girls were quite easy to relate to, both of them nothing more or less than the typical cheerleaders, who had everything handed to them as children, and Quinn, for her part, could relate.

Raising her eyebrows and waiting for Mary-Ann to spill her news, Quinn forcefully managed to push any thoughts of Rachel and Brittany to the back of her mind.

"There is a party tonight and I was asked to invite you by Puck himself."

Quinn grinned. Puck was easily the best looking and most popular guy in the school. It was no wonder though; he was dating Santana Lopez who was, even in Quinn's mind, the biggest bitch she had ever met. This actually meant something coming from her, having claimed the title for herself many years previously. Luckily for her though, it was common knowledge that both Santana and Puck slept around with anyone they wished, giving Quinn the opportunity to hook up with the mohawked boy on only her third day at Douglass and almost every day since.

Much to her delight, Puck had told her a few nights previously that he planned on ending things with Santana, and Quinn, though she didn't really like him as anything more than a friend and a good lay, seized the opportunity to take a little of the power away from Santana Lopez.

Her day was normal, she slept through homeroom only to be woken my Mary-Ann as the bell rang and the two of them walked off to their first class which was right at the back of campus in the gym.

After gym, they walked back across the oval and into the main building, across the catwalk where she crossed paths with Puck who grinned and winked at her, despite the fact that Santana was hanging off his arm. Spanish class was as usual a riot, Mary-Ann once again misusing words and ending up saying things that should never be uttered in a classroom, causing Quinn and the rest of the class to laugh, including Miss Holiday who was fast becoming Quinn's favorite teacher of all time.

With Chemistry came the hell that was Rachel Berry, and Quinn almost gagged as Finn placed a peck on the back of Rachel's hand at the door before awkwardly bowing down the hall, still facing her. Rachel was her usual giddy self, increased ten-fold since she and Finn had reconciled their relationship a few weeks earlier.

"Good morning," the overly happy brunette said as she took her seat next to Quinn, dropping her book bag in front of her.

Quinn just nodded her response, afraid that if she opened her mouth she would actually projectile vomit, the image of Finn and Rachel still fresh in her mind.

"Did you finish the questions on Electron Dot Diagrams?"

After composing herself, Quinn turned to her lab partner and as usual got caught up in the smell of her perfume, wafting over in her direction. Quinn suppressed a cough as she caught a throat full of the scent and instead of the verbal response she had been planning, she once again just nodded, trying to decide whether it was better to breathe through her mouth or her nose.

Everything about the girl both fascinated and annoyed Quinn, and she found herself suppressing a scream as the lesson progressed when Rachel started writing the letters FH surrounded by love hearts in her note book, the simple sound of the pen scratching on the paper enough to drive Quinn crazy.

Eventually she excused herself and went to the bathroom where she intended on taking a few quick drags on a cigarette. As she walked into the bathroom however, she found that it wasn't empty as she had hoped.

Santana Lopez stood at the mirror reapplying what looked to be pink lip gloss with her face so close to the mirror she could have pursed her lips and kissed it. The Latina's eyes flicked to her in the mirror when she entered and she seemed to slow her motion to watch the girl out of the corner of her eye.

Quinn circled the edge of the bathroom, trying to decide whether to just go into a stall and puff on her smoke or show Santana her rebellious side and risk either her big mouth running to Coach Sylvester or gaining some points with her captain.

She couldn't say she liked the girl, she after all spent most of her energy torturing her sister, but Quinn also knew that Santana could pull strings for her, and the benefits of being on her good side definitely outweighed being on the bad.

Santana however made the decision for her, rolling her eyes clearly through the mirror and making her move to the door.

Quinn's filter, seemingly on the fritz, somehow allowed words to escape her just as the head cheerleader put her hand on the door handle. "What have you got against Brittany?"

Santana froze, clearly having heard her question, and she started to almost visibly shake at the words.

She turned slowly, clenching her fists at her sides as she did so.

"Why do you care?" she asked, her arms still shaking but the remainder of her body the embodiment of calm. Even her face seemed to lose all expression as she spoke and Quinn found herself completely fascinated by the change. "You hardly even speak to her; I don't know why you're suddenly her defender."

Quinn was taken aback, it sounded almost like Santana was looking out for Brittany. "She is my sister. It is my job to defend her."

Santana actually scoffed, "Haven't seen you take a slushy for her, in fact the only time you talk to her is when you're in the dining hall. Great sister you are." And without another word, the girl turned and left the room.

With much effort, Quinn managed to finish out her day without making any more unfiltered comments.

She made her way across the large campus after showering and changing towards Harrison house. She could hear the music across the grounds, knowing that she was late having made a quick detour into Monroe house to check on her sister.

After her words with Santana earlier, she made a point of seeking out and apologizing to Brittany who forgave her in an instant, which was so like Brittany. She had even gone as far as to promise that she wouldn't allow Santana to pull all the crap on her anymore, and Brittany just shrugged, telling Quinn that it didn't bother her.

Quinn apologized to Tina before she left the building, explaining as best she could what had happened that morning, and Tina too accepted her apology.

Despite her sister's assurances, Quinn left the Monroe building with a purpose, on a mission to help her sister. And it started with the dethroning of one Santana Lopez.

Next: The Diva

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Afraid you might be waiting a while, otherwise what would be the point of all the build-up, i mean at the moment, and even in my head as i am writing ahead, Santana still hates Britt's guts. lol. I hope you like Faberry too, cause there will be Quinn/Rachel action before we see anything Brittana related, at least romantically.

Sorry. lol

oh no :(
i think i'll survive it, Faberry is good too :D

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