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Beautiful Belligerence - The Blonde
Title: Beautiful Belligerence - The Blonde
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana; Quinn/Rachel
Rating: M
Summary: They say that you can only hate someone if you once loved them, so when Brittany and Quinn start at an exclusive private boarding school, and Santana hates Brittany from the first moment, was it really love at first sight?
Chapter Summary: Brittany couldn't get her into trouble, couldn't cause her any more pain, because somehow, she already knew she was hiding so much.
A/N: Here is the next part, this one from Brittany's perspective. Hope you enjoy my characterisation. Please review.


The transition from LA brat to boarding school teen was one of the hardest things Brittany had ever had to do. Her mother's death when she was four was something she could no longer recall, her car accident when she was nine causing minor damage to her frontal lobe was a distant memory and all Brittany could recall that came close to being harder to deal with had been saying good-bye to her parents the day they had dropped them at Douglass Academy.

Judy had started crying from the time they had left JFK, Quinn not far behind her, once again begging that their father allow them to forget everything that had happened and go home. Their dad, despite his calm demeanour and seemingly careless attitude took the separation hard. He had after all cared for Brittany her whole life, and saw Quinn as his daughter, the other blonde girl only ever knowing him to be with her mom, only ever seeing her real father during the big holidays when he would fly into LA to give Quinn money or a gift, only to fly back out again.

Brittany had managed to hold it together until her mother hugged her and she broke down into tears, sobbing about how much she would miss both of them.

She had since then spent every second night on the phone to her parents, not only missing them but also seeing very little of her sister. They had joined the cheerleading squad and somehow managed to snare a seat together in the dining hall, but other than that, the two spent very little time as sisters or as friends.

Quinn seemed to be having a much easier time settling in than she was, having somehow managed to befriend a few girls from the cheerleading squad including Mary-Ann, her roommate and Brittany's housemate Klara. When they passed in the hallways, Quinn would smile, but for some reason, the two of them stopped conversing the same way they had when they had lived together in LA and Brittany for her part was taking the change hard.

Still, she managed to keep a smile on her face, despite being demoted to the bottom of the pyramid in cheerleading practise because the captain of the team had it in her for and the fact that the girl also had a target on her back, basically ensuring that Brittany walked through the halls alone day after day.

There was of course one exception, her roommate, Tina somehow became her saviour at Douglass academy, pushing her through the halls past the laughing jocks and Dazzlers when each day Brittany ended up with grape or raspberry slushy dripping off her chin at the hands of one Santana Lopez.

As Tina helped Brittany wash the corn syrup off her face for the twelfth day in a row, Brittany began to wonder just what exactly she had done to make the head cheerleader hate her so much. She remembered her first day, standing in the doorway and the Latina bumping into her, she remembered her stomach dropping to rest somewhere near her naval and her heart jump in her throat at the sight of her, but she couldn't remember doing anything that could have caused the girl to hate her.

Brittany soon found herself spending all her classes either staring at or thinking about Santana, the accident which had caused her to be demoted to the bottom of the pyramid coming as a result of Brittany hoisting Santana in the air, catching a glimpse of those perfect thighs underneath her white and grey skirt and losing her grip, both of the plummeting towards the ground with incredible force.

But the gorgeous Latina had hated her long before that incident, and Brittany wished she knew what she had done that caused the girl to hate her so much. She wished a lot of things when it came to Santana Lopez.

Tina had just handed her a hand towel to dry off her hair when Brittany heard the door open to the bathroom and watched as her sister strolled in, a look of fury on her face.


Her sister cut her off, "What the hell, Britt!" she practically screamed, "Why the hell didn't you tell me that Santana was giving you a hard time?"

Brittany, ever the avoider of conflict just smiled and shrugged, allowing her sister to pull her into the first hug they had shared since arriving at Douglass. "I didn't want you to worry. She can bother me all she likes, there is nothing I can do to stop it, I didn't do anything to start it."

Quinn smiled sympathetically at her sister, looking guilty, "This is my fault," she whispered, resting her head on Brittany's shoulder, "It's my fault you're here, you should still be at home with mom and dad. I'm so sorry Britt."

After breaking their hug, the two of them walked out of the bathroom together, Tina, ever present on their heels. Quinn gave one last smile toward Brittany before walking the length of the hallway to meet up with a girl Brittany didn't recognise. Brittany watched as Quinn took back her book bag from the girl and smile before they walked away together.

"Who's that?" Brittany asked, looking back at Tina who was watching Quinn as well.

"Rachel Berry. She used to be on the cheerleading squad and date Finn Hudson, but she and Santana had a falling out and she left the squad. She and Finn broke up just before the summer. Rumour has it that they could be getting back together."

Brittany nodded, indicating to Tina that she had been listening, but at the same time watching as an exchange happened between Santana and Rachel as the head Dazzler walked past her in the hall.

The rest of Brittany's day was the same as any other, she went to her classes where she sat with Tina and rested her head on her hand, giving her the optimum angle to stare at Santana, taking in the way her leg wrapped around the leg of the table.

In Spanish, Brittany watched as the dark haired girl smirked after catching her staring at her, a smirk that was somehow evil and beautiful at the same time, and crossed her legs, exposing more of the smooth tanned flesh, and Brittany wondered if it was on purpose or not. At the end of the lesson, Brittany found that she had been writing the girls name all over her notebook during the lesson and slammed it shut before anyone had the chance to see it.

Brittany was no stranger to her sexuality; having come out as a bisexual to her parents in her freshman year and had been glad to discover that they were completely fine with it.

She had experimented at her old school, had dated both guys and girls and found herself sleeping with most of them, but managed to avoid a reputation, probably because her sister was the captain of the cheerleading squad and that she was a cheerleader herself.

She was out and proud and everyone around her seemed to be okay with that, but that had been her old life, she knew things were different at Douglass. Quinn had warned her to keep it quiet, at least until they managed to work out what the people at Douglass were like, and Brittany had kept her word to her sister, but she felt like she was living underwater.

The drowning sensation had started the minute she had laid eyes on Santana, and had given her little respite since. Of course the girl was attractive, anyone with eyes could tell that, but for Brittany it was different. She felt like there was something about the girl that she was hiding, could almost see the well concealed pain hiding in her eyes and every time she looked at her she had to restrain herself from reaching out to her.

She couldn't fault her, no matter how many times Tina had told her to go to Principal Figgins or to Miss Holiday, Brittany couldn't get her into trouble, couldn't cause her any more pain, because somehow, she already knew she was hiding so much.

She wished she could be the one to bring out the Santana that she knew was inside, wished it was her that she ground her body against at the breakfast table every morning. She wished that the girl would give her a chance to show her just how much she was willing to do for her. She wished she had the guts, if nothing else, to at least tell her how she felt, tell her that there was someone, one person who cared about her, someone better than Noah Puckerman or any of those Dazzlers she spent so much time with.

For Brittany it was like it had been love at first sight, but for Santana, it seemed it had been completely the opposite.

Next: The Rebel

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I like this story. It's adorable!

it gets better, just wait. lol

Dude this is great, keep it up!
I wanna know what you've got hiding in Santana's past!

Might be waiting for that one, but the next chapter is up, please read and let me know what you think.

I'm interested to see where you're steering this... :)

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