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Beautiful Belligerence - The Captain
 Title: Beautiful Belligerence - The Captain
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana; Quinn/Rachel
Rating: M
Summary: They say that you can only hate someone if you once loved them, so when Brittany and Quinn start at an exclusive private boarding school, and Santana hates Brittany from the first moment, was it really love at first sight?
Chapter Summary: She didn't exactly know why she felt the need to cause the girl so much pain.
A/N: Part One to Part Four will be a quick introduction to the four main characters, this one starting with Santana, explaining it little by little. Enjoy this and please review for me to continue.


The summer was over, leading into what promised to be a cold fall, leaving the beds in the boarding houses at Douglass Academy filled with the bodies of students. The autumn sun rose orange over the vast expanse of the grounds, spilling into the small valley after rising above the small hills surrounding the campus.

It made its way first into the eastern side of Harrison House and into the window of sophomore and recently promoted cheerleading captain Santana Lopez.

She woke to the sun in her eyes from the small crack in her curtains with a smile on her face. The new room came with the job, her cheerleading coach, newly instated at the school was from a small town in Ohio coming off five back to back National cheerleading titles, had insisted that her captain needed her own personal quarters. Bending to her will and the sheer authority she possessed, Principal Figgins and Miss Holiday the boarding coordinator cleared out the other bed which had once occupied the room on the top floor of Harrison House and Santana had moved her belongings in the previous day.

Her previous roommate, Mercedes had helped her move her things, vocalising her distaste at the idea of it all, but Santana knew that her friend and fellow Dazzler would be a common guest in her private room, much like many others at the Academy.

Her day started just like any other, she woke, showered, dressed and then packed her backpack for the day before moving out of Harrison house and across the dewy grounds to the main academic building which was a fair hike across the large campus.

Mercedes and Laura were waiting for her in the large open foyer and together, the three of them walked into the warmth of the cafeteria located at the back of the building.

As was usual since the three of them joined the Dazzlers in their freshman year, three equally popular sophomore jocks were waiting for them at their usual table, their breakfasts already laid out for them by the small but confident girl who sat at the side of Coach Sylvester at the teachers table.

Puck smiled as soon as he saw her, and Santana felt herself grin at the attention. Mike and Matt, always present at the side of Puck also glance her way before the two of them moved to their respective partners and offered them a good morning kiss.

Breakfast ran just as it always did, Santana taking a few bites of her already small breakfast before turning to Puck and showing the whole school her power over him and all of them by sucking his face for the remainder of the meal. Laura and Mercedes quickly follow suit, pulling their own football players into passionate lip locks, Mike practically folding Laura over the table to get more of her.

It was common knowledge around the school that no one could mess with them, the three of them had found themselves at the top of the social pyramid from the time they had started at Douglass, and the three boys attached themselves to the cheerleaders fairly quickly.

Santana and Puck had been dating officially for nine months, before that finding themselves indulging in the occasional roll in the hay, but it only took them a few months to realize that their social standing increased tenfold if they were involved, and so they had made their relationship official.

Of course it wasn't a conventional relationship to say the least, Santana and Puck still slept with other people, Puck having the previous night taken Rachel Berry, the quarterback's former girlfriend back to his room after a small party in Monroe house. Santana herself had gone back to her room alone that night after having a quickie with the quarterback himself in Kurt, another of her fellow Dazzlers room.

It was how their relationship worked, and they were both happy with that, and Santana found that people around her seemed to be more frightened of her considering the nature of their relationship, the girls knowing that at any time, she could swoop in and take their boyfriends for a quick romp, knowing that the boys would give little to no protest.

"Did you hear?" Santana heard from behind her, her mouth still attached to Puck's, his hand wandering up her pleated skirt. "There are two new girls starting today, sophomores, Wendell saw them driving up the drive an hour or so ago, they should be in first period."

Santana found herself oddly interested in the conversation going on behind her, but she didn't pull away from Puck, allowing him to continue his groping, his fingers on one hand managing to brush the edges of her spanks, the other hand finding its way underneath her grey and green Harrison sweater, moving upwards towards her breasts.


"Apparently they're like sisters or something, but the school is so full they had to separate them. Wendell heard Monroe and Taylor."

Santana heard a chuckle, "They won't even be together in classes, they must be twins if they are both sophomores" The conversation was becoming even more intriguing for her, and Santana actually pushed Puck's hands away without ending their kiss to concentrate more on the words spoken between the two girls behind her.

"I guess. Wendell heard that they want to try out for the cheerleading squad, apparently one of them was captain at their old school and the other was second."

Santana's head snapped in the direction of the conversationalists when she heard the last part of their conversation.

Puck looked confused, but didn't protest as Santana pushed herself out of her seat and grabbed the back of Mercedes identical Harrison sweater who in turn grabbed Laura's grey and purple Grant sweater and the three of them moved into formation, Santana flanked by the other two as they walked from the cafeteria into the hallway, making their way to the grand foyer which lead to the offices.

Coach Sylvester's office was bigger than all the others, somehow managing to convince Principal Figgins to trade his own office for a much small one once occupied by the old cheerleading coach, Coach Bradley.

Santana knocked politely on the door before she opened it at the sound of the coach's grunt.

"Ah, if it isn't my captain flanked by Bambi and Thumper. What can I do for you ladies?"

Santana didn't even wait for her coach to look up before she spoke, her voice harsh and full of anger. "Our squad doesn't need any more members, we have a good dynamic and we shouldn't disturb that. If we hold tryouts or bring in new members we won't have a chance at regionals."

Coach Sylvester looked up, her eyes grinning. "First of all S-Lo," she started, standing and staring Santana down, "This is my squad and I will kick-out and add members as I see fit. Second, your squad has about as much chemistry as Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown, if we're even going to make it to regionals we need to change things, I started that by making you captain, don't make me change my mind, I'm sure Wanda or J-Fo would love a shot at the job."

Santana left the office with her signature scowl on her face, the two girls on her tail just as the first bell rang and they all moved off to homeroom. After fifteen minutes of gossiping and bitching with Mercedes, the bell rang again and they once again met up with Laura for another bitch session before first period, Santana taking to her favourite sport of freshman bunting, by taking two passing freshman by the collar and slamming them into each other, laughing as they scrambled away from her, unable to walk in a straight line.

Mercedes was in all her classes, being a fellow member of Harrison house. Laura on the other hand shared her classes with her fellow Grants' and the members of Taylor house. So the red head joined some of their fellow Dazzlers and made her way out of the building towards the science block. Mercedes was joined by more of their Dazzler team mates and followed Santana who had met up with Puck and Mike as they wove through the halls and walked over the catwalk to their Spanish class.

Santana noticed her as soon as they rounded the corner to their class room. The girl was blonde, tall, and Santana had to admit, she was attractive, something both Mike and Puck seemed to agree with, when both of them whistled in the girl's direction, Puck receiving a smack in the arm for his appreciation.

With her eyes narrowed, she approached the girl and pushed passed her into the room, something dropping in her stomach as she did so. The girl looked up with an apologetic smile, meeting Santana's glare with a sweet smile.

"Oh…I'm sorry," she whispered, her smile nervous, but still in Santana's eye's, sickly sweet.

Her reply was a glare, one that turned into a grunt when the girl went to open her mouth again. A satisfied smirk made its way onto Santana's face when the blonde girl looked down and closed her mouth.

Their Spanish teacher, Miss Holiday, introduced the new girl as Brittany Pierce, and Santana laughed as the girl was seated next to Tina Cohen-Chang, one of the school Goths and more importantly, one of the school's biggest losers.

The lesson and the day continued as usual, the only difference being that Santana spent her day trying to humiliate the new girl, and convincing all the other Dazzlers to do so as well. During classes she would sit at the back of the room, which was normal, and glare at the back of the girls head. She was sure the girl was not Dazzler's material, but she knew that her addition or not to the team was far from her choice. She did however make it her mission to make the girl's life hell if she made it onto the squad.

She didn't exactly know why she felt the need to cause the girl so much pain, but apart from interrupting her team and their dynamic, the girl and her sister threatened her standing, as did anyone who entered the school not knowing or fearing the wrath of Santana Lopez. But at the same time, the girl made Santana uneasy, everything from her posture to her smile causing Santana to feel like something was off with the girl, and she didn't want that kind of influence in her team.

And so began her mission to make sure that Brittany Pierce did not assimilate into her team, her mission to make sure that the girl was out of the school before the end of the school year.

Next: The Blonde

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...You made one bitty mistake and went too far ahead into marriage. Last I heard, it was Brittany Pierce, right? XD

I cannot believe that I did that, I am sorry. lol. I fixed it now. Again, sorry.

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