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Legend of the Morning [6/?]
Title: Legend of the Morning- Part Six
Author: zoe_rachael
Fandom: Twilight/Skins
Pairing: Alice/Bella Naomi/Emily
Raiting: R
Summary: It's secrecy that used to be Alice's problem, keeping her big secret from the woman she loved, but now, Alice has bigger worries and her new friends Emily and Naomi are trapped in the middle. Alice has to train a newborn, save the Clan and protect her love from the people she used to call family, and that's just in one day. Alice and Bella take the ride of their lives and Alice's secret is bound to come out.

A/N: Please Read and Review


Legend of the Morning
Chapter Six- Pieces of Me
Zoe Rachael


She knew the number like she knew her own birthday, had dialled it so many times in the last three days before losing her nerve before it began to ring. Now was different. Now, she just had to hear her voice.

Ring ring... ring ring...

She just had to answer.

The ringing stopped and Bella heard a silence that was so much different to any she had heard before, so full of everything that it was hard to understand how there was a silence at all.


Her voice, much like an angel singing, Bella couldn't help but let out a relieved sigh when she heard it, like every weight she had even felt had been lifted from her at the simple word.

She didn’t say a word, instead just listened to the silence, revelling in the fact that Alice was indeed on the other end listening to the sound of her breathing.

“Bella, I told you, we’re over.”

There was no conviction in her voice, no punch behind the words like there had been. “I know. I just need you to know that I don't believe you. I know... I know you love me Alice, I can hear it in your voice, I could see it in your eyes. You love me; you’ll never really leave me.”

It was like Alice took a deep breath to calm herself because when she next spoke, it was like she was speaking through clenched teeth. “It’s too dangerous Bella. Don't you understand, it’s dangerous to be around me, especially now.”

“Dangerous how? Tell me and I can help. Are you in trouble, my dad’s a cop you know, he can help.”

Again, there was a breath taken, “The last thing I need is your dad checking me out, Bella. Just accept it. We’re over.”

Then came the tears, “No.”

Bella could hear talking in the background. It was Rose, she was talking to Alice in a hushed voice, trying not to let Bella hear her, but Bella could, “You can’t tell her Alice. You know what will happen if Edward finds out about her. You have to push her from your mind, Edward can never know.”

The line went dead, and Bella knew that it had been Rose who ended the call, not Alice. Alice, she knew, no matter what happened, would never be that rude. It however, was in Rosalie’s nature.

Then a single thought came into her head: Edward.


Five months earlier...

“So you're an only child huh? Lucky you.”

Bella smiled across the table at Alice. This was their fourth ‘meeting’, Bella used the term loosely because she knew that she and Alice were heading for something more than friendship on these dates. That was the term she preferred; date.

“Yea. And you have Rosalie... I see your point.”

They both smiled, Alice laughing slightly as she looked down at the table between them. “Growing up I lived in a house with three brothers and two sisters.”

Bella looked at Alice in shock. “Wow. I can’t imagine what that would have been like. Where do you come, you strike me as a last born.”

Alice then looked up and her face was somewhat in shadow, “Actually, we were all adopted. We all lived together for a long time, so we were a true family. Rose has a twin brother, Jasper...” Alice stopped talking and Bella could see that Jasper, whoever he was, had caused her some pain.

Bella reached across the table and took Alice’s hand in her own. “You okay? We can change the topic if you like.”

She felt Alice squeeze her hand and watched her shake her head, “No. I’m fine. Besides... if this,” she glanced down at their hands and grinned, “Is going to go anywhere then you need to know about me, my past.”

Leaning back in her chair, Bella looked Alice right in the eye, “Then... how about we relocate, it’s getting late anyway, and my parents aren’t home,” she raised her eyebrows and though she saw Alice purse her lips, as though she was trying to control herself.

Then Alice nodded, “Why not.”

It was a short walk to Bella’s house, and Bella marvelled in the fact that Alice didn’t let go of her hand the whole way. She revelled in their closeness, soaked in Alice’s presence like a sponge did water.

The house was small, just two bedrooms, but it was enough for Bella and her parents to live in comfortably. The kitchen was quite large, and Bella headed their first to grab herself and Alice a drink before meeting Alice in the living room and settling in front of the TV.

“So... Jasper?”

Alice smiled at Bella’s tone. She was trying not to pry, but Bella was curious about Alice’s past, she couldn't help it, she wanted to know all there was to know about Alice Cullen.

“How about I start at the beginning?”

It was a long story, and it took them until well into the night before Alice finished, and when she did, she was curled up beside Bella, clearly trying not to cry.

The family she had told Bella about, they had truly hurt her.

“When I became a Cullen, the life I had before became a blur to me, I remember almost nothing about the girl I had been before, I was soo young at the time that it’s not unusual, but I just want you to know that being a Cullen, well that was all I knew.

“Edward was with Esme and Carlisle when they adopted me. He and I are the same age and we were truly brother and sister, we knew nothing else. I had been with them a long time when mom and dad took in Rose and Jasper, a few years later, Emmett and Mac came along. We were truly a family, but more than that, we were friends. At school, we were pretty much outcasts, and we stuck together, Jazz... Jasper and I became particularly close and so did Emmett and Rose.

“I know you might think it’s gross, we were practically family after all, but me and Jazz, Rose and Emmett, when you're that close, you become inseparable, and we did. I loved Jazz and he loved me, we were a couple in every sense and when you love someone like I loved him, when you're together as long as we were, love becomes more than as a child you think it would be, it becomes everything.

“Jazz, he was my everything, and I thought I was his. We were living in the States at the time, Rose and I had decided to go to on a little shopping trip. We spent a few days away, shopping, swimming, doing all the girly things that sisters do. We got a call one night, it was Carlisle and he was asking us to come home straight away, he didn't tell us why.

“It was about a three hour trip home and we drove home straight away. It was Mac and Emmett, they had gone on a hunting trip for the holiday while Rose and I were away, Mac had always been a tomboy and Emmett, he was this big bear of a guy and the two of them were the best of friends. Hunting was their favourite thing to do together. Anyway, they were missing. We searched for three days before we found Emmett, he was really badly hurt but had healed enough that he managed to start walking back. Mac had been killed, they had been attacked by a wolf.”

Bella had held Alice for a long moment at that point, stroking Alice’s hair lovingly. Alice somehow managed to continue.

“It killed Emmett, and the strain of it broke him and Rose apart, that was when Rose left us to come here. But at the time, I was still with Jazz, and I was happy. Soon after Mac died I started to feel things from Jazz, and not only that, my feelings for him started to change, I was confused, I missed my sister and things between us changed. But I was willing to stick by him willing to stick it out for us.

“As it turned out, he didn't have the same courtesy for me, and I found out he had been seeing Edward.”

As the story went on and Alice told Bella of her feud with her family and her move to the UK, Bella felt herself crying for the girl she felt so much for. Alice’s story touched her, and Bella knew in that moment that Alice Cullen, she was the one for her.