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Beautiful Belligerence - The Facial
Title: Beautiful Belligerence - The Facial
Author: zoe_rachael
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana; Quinn/Rachel
Length: ~3000
Rating: M
Summary: Brittany Pierce, daughter of LA power couple Anthony Pierce and Judy Fabray, and her step-sister Quinn find themselves the brand new students at an exclusive New York school Douglass Academy after a youthful indiscretion. What will Brittany do when faced with a less than friendly welcome, and more importantly, what will she do when she finds herself falling for her foe? Will Quinn be there for her sister or will she find herself entranced by another member of the school. And what will happen when most of the sophomore year find themselves being forced into the glee club?
Chapter Summary: Her eyes fell back to her sister, and she begged silently that the blonde would keep her mouth shut, but Brittany’s filter failed her, and she said the words Quinn wished she never would. “You like her.”