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Beautiful Belligerence - The Facial
Title: Beautiful Belligerence - The Facial
Author: zoe_rachael
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana; Quinn/Rachel
Length: ~3000
Rating: M
Summary: Brittany Pierce, daughter of LA power couple Anthony Pierce and Judy Fabray, and her step-sister Quinn find themselves the brand new students at an exclusive New York school Douglass Academy after a youthful indiscretion. What will Brittany do when faced with a less than friendly welcome, and more importantly, what will she do when she finds herself falling for her foe? Will Quinn be there for her sister or will she find herself entranced by another member of the school. And what will happen when most of the sophomore year find themselves being forced into the glee club?
Chapter Summary: Her eyes fell back to her sister, and she begged silently that the blonde would keep her mouth shut, but Brittany’s filter failed her, and she said the words Quinn wished she never would. “You like her.”

Quinn’s mind raced as she sat on her bed watching Rachel in front of her, her eyes closed in concentration as she belted from her core the last lines of her solo, a small smile playing at her lips.

She couldn’t believe she was here.  Her heart was pounding as she watched the diva in front of her in her room, her short skirt riding up her thighs a little as she took in a deep breath for her final note. How Rachel had ended up in her room, she felt ashamed of it, and knew that even though the diva was there, she had a lot of issues to work out for herself, and more importantly with her sister. But sitting there, letting Rachel’s voice wash over her, she felt content to allow all her problems to just float away.

Rachel had approached her in the dining hall that morning asking if she was free at lunch. Quinn had jumped at the opportunity to practice her solo with the diva herself, she was scared about her upcoming performance, not that she would admit it, not even really to herself.

“Why are you nervous?” Brittany had asked her as they walked from the dining hall, her book bag slung over her shoulder and a piece of toast in her hand. “You used to be in the choir in middle school, your voice is really good.”

Quinn took a moment to smile at her sister, watching her shove half of the toast into her mouth and chew quickly, “I don’t know, I just feel weird.”

Quinn and Brittany had been left alone to walk together after Puck, Mike, and Laura ran off to do something after breakfast. As they walked Quinn could feel Brittany staring at her, see her sister’s look of concentration out of the corner of her eye. She ignored it at first, simply walking through the halls, one of her hands raised to her mouth as she gnawed nervously at her nails, her mind focused on what she would be doing at lunch. It wasn’t until she saw Brittany’s head tilt to the side in the same Brittany head way that Quinn was used to that she stopped walking and pulled her sister to the side of the hallway.

“What?” she asked, her voice a little higher in pitch than usual. “Is there something on my face?”

Her sister, though slow when it came to academics, could usually read people, especially Quinn. Brittany knew Quinn inside and out and could read her moods like a book. So when her lips peaked at the corners in a smile, Quinn knew she was done for.
“Are you nervous about singing, or about singing with Rachel?”

Quinn’s eyes went wide in less than a second, her top teeth jutting forward to pull her bottom lip between her pearly whites, a nervous twitch she had developed at a young age. At the action she saw a sparkle in Brittany’s eyes and she wished she could take the action back, knowing that the other blonde knew exactly what it meant.

“What?” Her voice was still high pitched as she tried to deny what both she and Brittany were well aware of. “Why would singing with Treasure Trail have anything to do with it?”

Unfortunately for Quinn, Brittany’s smile only widened. “Well… your face went bright red when Miss Holiday first suggested that you two should sing together. You have the same look on your face that you had with Annabelle.” Her grin widened as Quinn’s eyes did the same, and darted around the hall, checking to see if anyone was paying attention to them.

She could see Santana from where she was standing at the other end of the hall, Puck next to her, talking. But the Latina didn’t seem to be paying any attention to the boy, instead focusing her gaze towards them, or more accurately, towards Brittany.

Her eyes fell back to her sister, and she begged silently that the blonde would keep her mouth shut, but Brittany’s filter failed her, and she said the words Quinn wished she never would. “You like her.”

“I-I-I…” Quinn was caught off guard, not expecting her sister to be able to see though her that easily, though she wasn’t sure why she underestimated her so often. The truth was, Quinn had known since she had met the annoying brunette that there was a reason her habits grated on her nerves. Their interaction right from the moment they had met had held the same weight Quinn had shared with her ex-best friend who she had, right before their falling out, been on the verge of falling for.

The shorter blonde continued to stare shocked at her sister, until she felt a hand on her arm and heard a reassuring voice, “You don’t have to hide anything from me Quinn.” Her voice was sincere and for a moment, Quinn almost let it comfort her, but the next words set her off, “I’ll always love you.”

Quinn felt herself snap, “What the fuck would you know?” she screamed, watching the hurt cross her sister’s face, quickly replaced with a kind of pity mixed with disappointment.  But the look did nothing to stop the next bout of painful words from leaving Quinn’s mouth.

“You think that just because you want to fuck the girl who makes your days here miserable that the rest of us do? Well I have news for you Brittany, not all of us are dykes.  So don’t even think about saying that to me again, she means nothing to me.”

The next thing Quinn knew, she was marching down the hall to where she saw Rachel waiting for her class, taking from Puck’s hand as she passed him and Santana, a grape slushy and without a second thought, threw it directly at Rachel.

The halls were silent as Quinn walked away from her sister and her fellow glee member, or at least the noise didn’t penetrate over the ringing in her ears as she walked directly out of the building, across the grounds and locked herself in her room.

Brittany joined Rachel at the end of the hall and led her to the bathroom with Tina on their heels. Rachel was grateful for the girls help, and she found herself smiling at her in the mirror of the bathroom as Brittany and Tina rounded up a large amount of hand towels before approaching her.

“You don’t have to help me Brittany,” she said, taking the offered hand towel and wiping her face roughly with it. “I have done this many times by myself, even being the quarterback’s girlfriend doesn’t stop people from seeing me as the freak who quit the Dazzlers for the show choir.”

Brittany stopped her frantic searching around the bathroom and turned to Rachel with a pained expression. “I… this is my fault.”
Rachel actually laughed at this, finishing wiping off her face and taking another piece of hand towel to wipe her neck and shoulders.

“Brittany, your sister’s actions are not your fault just because you are related. I’ve actually found that the occasional slushy facial makes my hair shine a little bit brighter. Not to mention that these are the kind of hardships that the publishers will want to hear when writing my auto-biography.”

The blonde’s mood however was not improved by Rachel’s words as she continued to look at the floor, her book bag still slung over her shoulder. “I… I said something to set her off. I should know that I can’t push her. She… she didn’t mean it, Rachel, she is just confused.”

The Diva’s eyebrows rose at the blonde’s words, “Confused about what?”
It was at this that Brittany’s head snapped up and looked Rachel in the eye, “Ah… nothing. She is scared about singing and she just doesn’t know how to show weakness.”

Rachel was a perceptive person, something which was usually overlooked in her as she spent most of her time either talking about herself or about how others should feel about her. In reality however, Rachel spent a lot of her time contemplating those around her. Her father had once told her that a performer was only successful if they could feel the same way their audience did.  And so Rachel spent time learning how to read body language, and after some time, she found herself able to tell a lot about a person long before they opened their mouths.

And it was this talent that allowed her the knowledge that Brittany was lying to her, but she allowed it to pass. “I’m not mad at Quinn, Brittany. Your sister is a complicated person, I guessed something was going on with her the minute she started yelling at you.”

The two shared a quiet moment of understanding before Rachel turned back to the mirror. “Go to class.  I am fine here, I have a change of clothes in here anyway,” she indicated her book bag.

Brittany and Tina both hesitated before they made their way out the bathroom door and Brittany still shot a look of guilt over her shoulder just before she closed the door behind her. Rachel couldn’t help but smile at the girl’s innocence.

After she got herself cleaned up and changed into the spare set of clothes that she kept in her bag for such an occasion, she pulled her phone out of the front pocket of her bag.

Much like her personality, her phone shone bright from the bling covering its front and back.  She admired it as she used her thumb to flick it open and quickly typed a text message to Finn before she pushed the phone into her pocket and pushed open the bathroom door.

By the time she had finished in the bathroom, she had completely missed homeroom and decided that she had better make use of her supposed absence and moved in the opposite direction than her classroom and instead trekked across the quads to Taylor house.

She was familiar with the house itself, having spent most of her time the previous year in the West wing with Finn and his roommate Jean-Francis, but it had been a long time since she had been there, opting instead to spend most of their time in her room while her roommate Kirsty was out with her boyfriend Mark who was a member of the Harrison house.

The way the houses interacted within Douglass was nothing like Rachel had expected when she had started at the Academy the previous year. She had been told about the school long before she had started there, the stories about one of her father’s childhood mostly being set in the grounds of Douglass Academy. He had told her while she was growing up about the competitive nature of the school’s different houses, and he hadn’t been wrong.  But outside of artistic and athletic competition, the houses interacted together socially as if they didn’t wear different uniforms.

Harrison house members still held a kind of superiority over the other houses. Taylor house still praised itself on being academically advanced. Monroe house was still the house that was physically gifted and her house, Grant house, was still the house that excelled when it came to the arts.

Her father had been a Harrison, and wore his greens proudly, but he showed no disappointment when she had been elected as a member of Grant house, and they often discussed the famous La Cross game of ’83 when Grant and Harrison had faced off only to end the game as equals.

The halls of Taylor house were abandoned, and Rachel found herself staring aimlessly at the Taylor trophy cases as she walked up towards the second floor of the East wing that housed the female sophomore rooms. The carpet was blue, representing the house colour, much like in her house where the carpet was a deep purple, and the framed pictures on the walls had a blue mat, as did the pictures to the sides of the doors lining each side of the hall.

Just past a recent picture of the small eight-man Taylor cheerleading squad, in which Rachel instantly recognized Quinn and Mary-Ann, Rachel saw two separate pictures, framed separately and laid on each side of one of the doors lining the hall. In one of the pictures was Mary-Ann sporting her red Dazzlers uniform and a large smile, and on the other side of the door one of Quinn with a half-smile on her face and seemingly doing a half wave at the camera wearing her usual grey blazer, buttoned, her checked grey and blue skirt and knee-high grey socks. In the picture too was Brittany, standing beside and kind of behind her sister looking off into the distance, and by the look on her face, Rachel guessed she was watching Santana.

Without hesitation, Rachel raised her hand to the door and knocked three times in quick succession.

Thanking god for no peep holes, Rachel soon found herself face-to-face with Quinn Fabray, a wild look in her eyes and a scowl on her face at the sight of Rachel at her door.

“How did you even get in here?” Quinn asked, or more growled, and Rachel simply held up a swipe card embossed with the signature Taylor Tiger and Finn’s name. Quinn rolled her eyes in response, standing, purposely in the doorway, not allowing Rachel entrance into her room. “What do you want?”

Rachel smiled slightly at Quinn’s abrupt nature, it was something she respected, and something she had admired in the girl right from the moment she had met her.

The diva could tell that the blonde had been crying, the streaks of dried tears were evident on her cheeks and her bloodshot eyes a dead give-away to the fact.  But Rachel chose to ignore it, moving instead onto the problem at hand.

“I know,” she started slowly, wondering how to ease into this conversation with someone as stubborn at Quinn. “I know that you are going through something,” she pushed, thinking that the only way she was going to get to say what she had to say was but saying it quickly, and so she continued.  “I know that you are not comfortable sharing that with me, especially since you seem incapable of sharing whatever it is even with your own sister, but I wanted to tell you something about myself. I used to be a Dazzler, which I am sure you know.  I came to this school, made friends with Santana and things ran smoothly for me, even after it came out that I grew up with two gay dads,” she paused for a moment and was glad when Quinn didn’t interrupt her.

“But being that person, a cheerleader, popular, it made me give up so much of myself and I was even willing to give up Finn to be that person I had become. But not long after I started dating Finn, I worked out just how much of myself I was giving up being this popular person.  And I gave it all up, the cheerleading, the popularity, all my friends.  I gave it all up for someone I love and the chance to do something I love. Glee club is that thing.  I know you were all forced to join, and I think Figgins and Miss Holiday made a good choice in punishment, because I can honestly see a difference in all of you who have joined us, but this isn’t a punishment for all of us,” she paused again, trying to gauge Quinn’s reaction, trying to work out if Quinn was understanding what she was trying to say.

“I want us to take Nationals this year and we have the talent. You are an amazing singer Quinn, and we all decided that our renditions of For Good and Defying Gravity were what we needed at this year’s invitational. So I am asking you, despite your issues with me, or whatever you are going through, I am asking you to just get through this week with me.  You never know, you might come to like me after this is all over.”

Quinn stood there in silence for a long moment seemingly contemplating Rachel’s words. Rachel stood there waiting, wondering if she should just walk away.  But as she moved to do so, Quinn smiled at her and opened her door in invitation.

Rachel’s smile grew as she walked across the threshold, but she ignored the butterflies in her stomach in favour of the tingling on her lower back when Quinn led her away from the door to close it behind them.

To be continued...

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Oh, my god! If been waiting for this so long, it's amazing :D
Is there going to be any Brittana development soon ?

Soon may be overstating it, and I do like to keep things a mystery, however there will be something for Brittana next chapter...

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