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Beautiful Belligerence - The New Directions
Title: Beautiful Belligerence - The New Directions
Author: zoe_rachael
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana; Quinn/Rachel
Length: ~3000
Rating: M
Summary: Brittany Pierce, daughter of LA power couple Anthony Pierce and Judy Fabray, and her step-sister Quinn find themselves the brand new students at an exclusive New York school Douglass Academy after a youthful indiscretion. What will Brittany do when faced with a less than friendly welcome, and more importantly, what will she do when she finds herself falling for her foe? Will Quinn be there for her sister or will she find herself entranced by another member of the school. And what will happen when most of the sophomore year find themselves being forced into the glee club?
Chapter Summary: All eyes snapped to Santana who was seated the other side of Brittany who was to Quinn's left. They all seemed to expect the brunette to stand and walk from the room, but to their surprise, she crossed her arms over her chest and pushed herself lower in her seat, her legs crossed, her gaze still focused on her lap.
Glee Club.

Quinn Fabray in glee club.

She couldn't seem to get her head around the idea, no matter how much she thought about it. Though she had to admit, she didn't hate the idea, she secretly loved the excuse to sit in a room where she was free to sing and dance and not be ridiculed for it, well, at least she could hope.

After their lecture from Figgins in the principal's office, all of the students had been sent to detention and then forced into a room with all the old glee kids. Quinn found herself sitting beside the most annoying girl in the school and listening to the Spanish teacher slash boarding coordinator slash glee club director spouting off about team work and getting to know one another.

They sat in what seemed to have once been a green room used by the AV club for their more elaborate productions. The AV club at Douglass however were multi award winners and had their own building on the east side of the campus far away from the rest of the buildings which had been built entirely from alumni donations, leaving their old green room for glee club meetings and weekday practices.

The room was large, bright green cubes lined up against one wall and stacked into arena style seating where Quinn and the rest of the glee club were sitting. Miss Holiday was standing before them in front of the grand piano, a set of drums and various electric and acoustic guitars and bases. Quinn at first had been shocked to find just how much equipment the glee club had and was shocked to discover that they had on the school's payroll an entire instrumental band for their glee club performances and twice annual musicals.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Quinn returned her attention to Miss Holiday who was leaning back against the drum kit, a stern look on her face that Quinn had never witnessed before. She spoke to them in a tone that sent shivers down Quinn's spine.

"This is not going to be a vacation for you guys, nor is this optional. It is this, or you find somewhere else to go to school. You are all lucky that no one was hurt during the fight and if anyone had been, none of you would still be here. We have a zero tolerance policy on fighting and you all knew that." She paused, looking at Quinn directly with a scowl before turning to Santana and giving her the same look, causing both girls to drop their gaze to their laps. "That being said, if we had expelled you all a fair portion of the sophomore class would have been missing and it isn't something we wanted to do. So we are trying this, but if any of you want to leave, do it now, because this is your last chance."

All eyes snapped to Santana who was seated the other side of Brittany who was to Quinn's left. They all seemed to expect the brunette to stand and walk from the room, but to their surprise, she crossed her arms over her chest and pushed herself lower in her seat, her legs crossed, her gaze still focused on her lap.

Even as all the others in the room returned their attention to Miss Holiday, Quinn noticed that her sister didn't look away, and instead raised one of her hands to rest her head on it, placing her cheek in her palm, her elbow on her thigh and letting out a deep sigh. Quinn knew that there was something going on with her sister that she wasn't telling her, something to do with the brunette girl, but as Miss Holiday continued with her speech, she pushed it to the back of her mind.

She moved away from the drums towards the piano and leant over the stool to grab a hand full of paper from on top of the grand instrument. "Right," she stated, moving closer towards them, "This is our first song, I thought we could add it to our repertoire since we have the invitational coming up, and we will decide on a set list together in a couple of days. Right now though, we need to concentrate on becoming a team, getting to know one another's strengths and weaknesses and most of all, trying to understand one another better, which is what this punishment is all about."

Quinn heard Laura behind her scoff and watched as Miss Holiday sent a glare over her shoulder at the redhead.

The sheet music was handed around the group and before Quinn knew what was happening, she felt Rachel stand from beside her, letting go of Finn's hand and moving to stand behind Miss Holiday. Then she was talking, and while Quinn groaned internally, she heard many of the original glee members groan aloud as she did.

"First of all, I would like to welcome you all to New Directions, we are so glad to have you here and I am sure we will be able to find some way to showcase your talents…"

Miss Holiday was smiling at her as she continued to talk to the group, but Quinn tuned out, instead taking in the way Rachel's hands moved as she talked, wondering if there was anything the girl could do to make herself more annoying. Eventually, after turning to Miss Holiday for permission and receiving an enthusiastic nod, Rachel was motioning to the room and from somewhere behind Quinn three members of the glee club emerged and Finn stood as well. Two of the boys who had come from behind her picked up guitars and the other took a seat at the piano while Finn sat behind the drums. Then, the music started and Rachel started singing, and Quinn found herself forgetting about everything else.

Her voice was amazing, she closed her eyes as she sang, making the song seem somehow sexual with the way her lips moved and she bit her bottom lip on brief pauses. Never had she thought that Ben Lee's hit could speak to her the way that it was when Rachel was singing it. She felt shivers run down her spine, she felt goose bumps rise on her arms and legs and she felt her heart rate increase.

She felt her legs move without her permission and next thing she knew, she was standing beside Rachel who was smiling sweetly at her through the song. Then Quinn opened her mouth and she sang, with more passion than she had thought possible. Brittany was the next to join in followed soon by Mercedes and Matt who pulled a reluctant Santana up to the other side of the piano. By the time the song ended all the original members of the glee club and all those forced to be there were standing, dancing around each other, singing their hearts out. On the last 'We're all in this together' Rachel took Quinn's hand and the two of them grinned at each other, finally coming to an understanding, finally finding something that they had in common.

Brittany found out quickly after the fight that her punishment to join the glee club had been the best thing that had happened to her since she had started at Douglass academy. The way she found herself completely free while letting her heart out in song and her body loose in dance, of course the happy smile that seemed to creep onto Santana's face during their practices in turn also made Brittany's spirits sore.

Santana wasn't one to smile. She smirked and grinned and sneered, but she never smiled, at least not until glee.

"For those of you who don't know, the national show choir committee has decided to hold Nationals in LA this year and I for one am determined to attend. That said, we should take this one step at a time, so… the Invitational."

Miss Holiday, seemingly the most involved member of staff at Douglass had decided that due to the circumstances as well as the quickly approaching deadline of the Invitational's, that glee practice would be held daily and so, for the third day in a row, Brittany found herself in the large green room, only this time sitting like they had during their first meeting, on the area seating to the side of the room, Miss Holiday facing them while she stood at the side of the piano.

Their practices over the previous two days had been completely about the music, each of the new members managing to find a song that popped and performing it for and with the remainder of the group. Miss Holiday for her part seemed pleased with the progress of the group as a team and decided that it was time they talked about their goals.

Brittany was sitting to the left of Tina, the two of them having claimed the back row after arriving first to the green room that afternoon. Quinn was in the row in front of them, sitting with Laura and Puck flanking her, Mike to Laura's left. In front of Puck was Finn who was holding tightly onto Rachel's hand. To Brittany's left was the group of original glee members, minus of course Rachel and Finn, separating their side of the room from the side that was occupied by Santana and her group of friends.

The Latina herself was in the front row, Lauran and Mercedes at her sides sitting in their usual fashion with their arms crossed in front of their chests. Artie, the wheelchair boy was at Lauren's left on the floor, with Sam, the reserve quarterback and the only single gay male at the academy holding onto the boy's chair. Behind Sam sat Kurt and Blaine, the resident gay couple who somehow still managed to hold onto their popularity while at the same time almost swallowing each other's faces between classes. The only member that was missing from the group was Matt who for some reason, was sitting behind the piano, his eyes trained on the back of Miss Holiday as she spoke.

Brittany for her part, wasn't watching or even really listening to her teacher. Instead she kept her thoughts and her eyes on the back of the Latina who she could see sitting in the front row through the bodies of the other glee members. Her two protectors had their legs crossed in front of them, and all three of them wore matching scowls. But Brittany wasn't scared of them, not even intimidated, somehow knowing that Santana, for her own reasons unbeknown to everyone around her, would not let her protectors touch her.

Walking the halls of Douglass on one of her first days at the academy, Brittany had accidently ran straight into Santana while searching for her classroom. Brittany's books had flown all around the room, the blonde dropping to her knees to pull them all back to her while Santana's books somehow managed to stay trapped tightly in her arms. The Latina had glared at her, as did the two girls who stood at her sides, taking a menacing step forward once the blonde had gathered her books and moved back to her feet. Just as Lauren had reached out a hand towards her however, Santana had raised her own arm to push her back, looking at Brittany confused as she did so.

Even with all the animosity between them, Brittany knew that she would come to no physical harm at the hands of Santana Lopez. Even during the fight while hands and feet were flying around her dramatically, she had remained completely untouched, none of Santana's friends laying a hand on her, and she just stood in the middle of it all, screaming for her sister to stop.

And so Brittany watched her, completely fearless of any retaliation if she were caught with her eyes constantly trained on the feisty girl. She watched as she crossed and uncrossed her legs, watched as she pushed falling strands of hair out of her eyes and watched with amazement as the girl leant her head to the side, exposing the long and strong lines of her neck. Brittany swallowed at the sight.

"We have a week and a half to come up with a set list for Invitational's, I was thinking we could do a mash-up of Umbrella and the friends theme song 'I'll Be There for You' just because they kind of spell out what I am trying to teach you guys about friendship and working together. But when it came down to actually mixing them together, I have been having trouble. So instead of taking that route, I'm putting forth the question, has anyone here seen Wicked?"

To Brittany's surprise, most of the group raised their hands, including Quinn and Brittany who had been to seen it with their mother in New York after she had been offered the film role of Glinda. Rachel's hand shot into the sky the highest at the front of the room, as though she would burst if anyone was in doubt that she had seen the show.

"Well…" Miss Holiday continued, "A version of For Good in costume between Quinn and Rachel I think would be sensational, but I am not your dictator and it is your decision. So, anyone in favor of 'For Good'?"

Brittany raised her hand in support of her sister, knowing that her blonde counterpart had one of the most amazing voices she had ever heard. She looked around, taking in that clearly over half of the group agreed with her and had their hands raised high in the air. The only hold outs coming from the side of the room that Santana and her friends occupied, Santana herself included.

Miss Holiday finished counting the hands and nodded to herself, "Excellent, I think that it will be a beautiful rendition of a song that is all about unlikely friendship. And sticking with the wicked theme I think that-"

"Defying Gravity."

The words came at exactly the same moment from both Rachel and Kurt sitting on Santana's side of the room. Brittany's eyes moved away from Santana and landed on the flamboyant boy who sat behind Santana and Mercedes. Brittany had yet to have much interaction with Kurt, though it was well known throughout the school that he was as manly as Richard Symonds. The boy himself seemed to only raise himself off the boy beside him to speak, and sank his entire body weight back into Blaine as eyes fell on him, Blaine's hands raising around his shoulders.

Miss Holiday, for her part smiled at the two, "Well, here's a thought… keeping Quinn and Rachel in character, why don't the three of you get together and make Defying Gravity a group opening for the Invitational," she said, looking between Kurt, Rachel and Quinn.

Miss Holiday stopped talking soon after, and while the remainder of the group broke into a pop version of Silverchair's Straight Lines, Quinn and Rachel met up with Kurt at the back of the green room. After the song, the group dispersed into their separate groups, collecting their books and bags from their seats before making their way to the door and out into the hallway. Brittany lingered at the door with Tina while the others stepped past them out of the room. Quinn was still in the green room, talking, or more accurately, listening to Rachel as she spoke, Finn and Puck smiling at the both of them before filing out of the room with the rest of the group.

Brittany tuned the conversation out, looking over to see that her sister had done the same. Sending Quinn a roll of her eyes and a smile, she then looked out the door and down the hallway to where she sensed Santana watching her.

She tried to smile at her, but the brunette scowled and turned away, looking instead at Puck who had his hand over her head, leaning down to her seductively. The sight made Brittany's stomach turn and she knew it had less to do with the fact that she was watching her sister's boyfriend flirt shamelessly with another girl and more to do with the fact that said girl was smiling and enjoying his company and not hers.

She had felt it from the first moment she had locked eyes on the girl, and had recognized it for what is was at the time. But after the endless insults and hurtful jokes at her expense, Brittany expected to find herself pulling away from the initial attraction that had her attention focused fully on the Latina, but instead found herself feeling things for the girl even more.

The blonde was well aware that she had no chance with the Latina, and it wasn't even about being with her, but more about wanting her, wanting her so badly, that worried her, considering their complete lack of any interaction that didn't humiliate the blonde.

"You ready?" she heard from behind her. She turned her attention from Santana and Puck to her sister who was standing in front of her, Rachel behind her.

Brittany forced a smile while at the same time forcing her thoughts about Santana out of her mind, "Yeah, let's go."

As she walked away with her sister and her friend, Brittany glanced over her shoulder one last time and one last time that day, locked eyes with Santana.

The Facial

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Can't wait to see what happens next. Really good chapter. :)

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