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Beautiful Belligerence - The Diva
Title: Beautiful Belligerence - The Diva
Author: zoe_rachael
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana; Quinn/Rachel
Rating: M
Summary: Brittany Pierce, daughter of LA power couple Anthony Pierce and Judy Fabray, and her step-sister Quinn find themselves the brand new students at an exclusive New York school Douglass Academy after a youthful indiscretion. What will Brittany do when faced with a less than friendly welcome, and more importantly, what will she do when she finds herself falling for her foe? Will Quinn be there for her sister or will she find herself entranced by another member of the school. And what will happen when most of the sophomore year find themselves being forced into the glee club?
Chapter Summary: Rachel didn't know why, but she felt herself drawn to the blonde girl, found herself pushing a little too hard to be in the girls good graces, only finding herself met with rolled eyes and deep sighs of appreciation when she stopped talking.
A/N: This is chapter four based around Rachel and the last of the introductory chapters, so from the next chapter, things will start to kick off and when I say kick off… I do mean literally, so you'll have to read to find out.


Rachel hated these parties, hated the sexual heat, the pulsating bodies and the music that pumped from the speakers so loudly that the she couldn't even hear what was being said in the song.

And yet she attended every one of them, even when she and Finn weren't together.

That of course had been a bad night, ending with Puck inside her, he had been gentle and persuasive and even during he had muttered soothing words in her ear, and yet Rachel still wished she could erase the memory from her mind.

But something was different this time, something more animalistic about the atmosphere, and Rachel suspected it had a lot to do with the tension mounting on the other side of the room.

Rachel sat in her corner, a drink in her hand that was long forgotten and Finn by her side busy bopping his head to the music out of time. She was watching across the room as two girls, one her former best friend and the other her current lab partner practically played tug-o-war with Noah Puckerman, something Rachel for her part just did not understand.

Rachel mostly concentrated on Quinn, she seemed invested in the fight, but for some reason, Rachel suspected that her investment had little to do with Puck himself and more to do with the other girl.

The diva had been intrigued by Quinn since the girl had first walked into her chemistry class. She walked with a confidence that was not reflected in her eyes, like she knew she had all it took to be confident, except the belief in herself. Even in their classes together the girl held back, even though Rachel was quite sure she knew the answer to every question asked, she never raised her hand to answer. The girl muttered a lot, and wrote down her answers to a question when asked as though trying to prove to herself and no one else that she knew the answer.

It was a quality that Rachel admired, the ability to be satisfied with one's self and not fighting for approval of those around you. A quality Rachel knew she did not possess.

Rachel wished she had the down to earth quality the blonde cheerleader possessed, knowing that her outgoing and confident exterior is what made her an outcast to all those around her, including the blonde who was still staring Santana down like there was more behind her argument than the possession of Puck.

Rachel didn't know why, but she felt herself drawn to the blonde girl, found herself pushing a little too hard to be in the girls good graces, only finding herself met with rolled eyes and deep sighs of appreciation when she stopped talking. She was, at the very least, not hated by the girl, which was something Rachel wished to work on.

Then of course there was Santana. The two of them at the beginning of their freshman year had been completely inseparable, two peas in a pod so to speak. Their vastly different dynamics somehow managed to complement each other and allowed the two of them to exist harmoniously within the school and the cheerleading squad. It wasn't until Rachel started showing an interest in Finn that things changed between them.

Santana's reasoning had been that she thought Finn was a 'dweeb' and Rachel could do better, but as time passed and Santana started up her 'relationship' with Puck, Rachel started to see a different side to her friend and went behind her back to start dating the quarterback.

Santana had practically exploded upon hearing the news, charging into Grant house and demanding to see her friend. The fight that had ensued was explosive, Rachel ending it by simply throwing her Dazzler's uniform at her friend and telling her not to worry, she had no interest in taking her social standing away from her.

Many of their mutual friends had insisted on reconciliation, but at both of their insistence, they hadn't shared a civil conversation since. As a result, Rachel had lost most of her friends, Natalie, another Dazzler sneaking across the hallway to talk to Rachel whenever she got a chance, but as time moved on; those chances became less and less frequent.

Rachel didn't mind terribly, her free time after leaving the Dazzlers gave her time to join the choir, the show choir and the school play, showcasing the talent that she had known from a young age was what she was born to do, sing.

Her life was very different, most of her free time spent with Finn, something she had missed during their short separation, but she too, missed having friends to interact with, which was where Quinn came in.

There was no real reason to it, no motivation behind it, but she desperately wished to be friends with the girl, and it was that wish that pushed Rachel to her feet as she saw Santana approach Quinn with a menacing look on her face.

It was only a few short strides over to where the two other girls were facing off, and Rachel easily inserted herself between the two, facing Santana with a confident look in her eyes.

"Just leave them, Santana. We all know you're only using Puck anyway, you don't have any feelings for him so you may as well just go find yourself a new piece of arm candy."

Santana looked at her, completely shocked. It had been a long time since she had stood up to the Latina, a long time since she had even spoken a word to the other girl. The two of them were seen as rivals within the school, but Rachel for her part cared little about what Santana was doing, and Santana lost interest in playing pranks on her pretty much before she started.

Their lives were separate, they had no classes together, they were in different houses, they didn't even share the same extra-curricular activities, their only common ground being that they both dated members of the junior football team and walked the same halls. "Listen here Manhands," Santana spoke, Rachel taking note that the Latina still managed to remember the humiliating nick-name that she had given her immediately after their falling-out, "This little tiff has nothing to do with you. If Barbie over there wishes to call you in as her side-liner, I'm sure she will give you a shout out. Although, I'm sure she has more standards than that, or she wishes to keep her eardrums."

Rachel actually enjoyed the banter, and she was glad she knew all the buttons to hit, "If she wanted to keep her ear drums she and the rest of the squad would have to stock-pile the ear plugs because from memory, you like to belt them out in the showers, rather off pitch." Santana was extremely sensitive about her singing voice, something Rachel knew quite well. Truth was, Santana's voice was rather smooth and sweet, and even Rachel would admit in other conditions that the girl was just as good as she was. "And I am wondering, are you really fighting for Puck, because last time I checked you seemed to have an odd interest in Quinn's sister."

It was an instant reaction as Santana's face went red and she watched her old friend ball her hands into fists.

The end of the argument came swiftly as two girls approached behind Santana and pulled her away. Rachel spun on her heel and smiled at Quinn who was looking at her, as was Puck who was standing behind her. "Santana is easy to handle if you know what buttons to push," she said, moving to walk back towards Finn who was smiling at her across the room.

"Thank you," she heard sweetly from behind her, and she turned back momentarily to wink in the direction of the other girl.

Rachel reclaimed her seat next to Finn and after sharing a kiss and a quick conversation with him, she turned her attention back to Quinn and Puck.

The tall runner had his arm draped across Quinn's shoulder and chest from behind her, and he seemed to be whispering in her ear. Quinn on the other hand was watching the ground, a thoughtful look on her face.

Rachel watched the blonde girl, noticing how she flinched away from Puck slightly as he kissed her neck, and her movements enforced in Rachel more intrigue when it came to the blonde, and she vowed to figure the girl out, no matter what it took.

Next: The Riot

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So curioius about how the Santana/Brittany story is going to unfold. Looking forward to reading more.

Thanks for your share! very impressive!

Just read all the chapters, brilliant storyy! Looking forward to moree :)

Oh gez, Santana is so closeted its ridiculous. I half believe her rage at Rachel dating Finn comes from a little crush she had on the diva.

I’m really Glad i ran across this web site.Added to my bookmark!

Loving this story, just read up to date. Please continue, it's great!

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