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Beautiful Belligerence - The Riot
Title: Beautiful Belligerence - The Riot
Author: zoe_rachael
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Brittany/Santana; Quinn/Rachel
Length: ~3000
Rating: M
Summary: Brittany Pierce, daughter of LA power couple Anthony Pierce and Judy Fabray, and her step-sister Quinn find themselves the brand new students at an exclusive New York school Douglass Academy after a youthful indiscretion. What will Brittany do when faced with a less than friendly welcome, and more importantly, what will she do when she finds herself falling for her foe? Will Quinn be there for her sister or will she find herself entranced by another member of the school. And what will happen when most of the sophomore year find themselves being forced into the glee club?
Chapter Summary: There was yelling coming from all around, but mostly she could hear Miss Holiday screaming "break it up" at the top of her lungs, and not long after she felt herself being pulled away from Quinn.


Things were changing for her, her routine, her perfectly executed schedule and plan for her life had in the past few weeks been running off course, and Santana hated it when things in her life didn't run according to plan.

After the disaster that was her childhood and her home-life, Santana had welcomed her first day at Douglass academy with an enthusiasm that none of her fellow freshman had shared. She had met Mercedes first, her roommate from their first day, their bitch combining to make them the ultimate team right from the word go. Lauren had been next, a large girl that was in their house that Santana thought she would despise, but as time went on, the girl grew on her to become one of the only female friends that Santana had that wasn't a Dazzler.

The boys from Harrison house were next, introduced at a house introduction party thrown every year by the seniors to get to know their new house members. Their introduction party had turned into a drinking party and Santana had ended her night in Puck's bed, paving the way for the next year of her life.

It only took Santana a week to make the Dazzlers squad, and from that moment, her life had become like an open book to all those around her, every person in the school seemingly allowed to dig into her background, which was when Santana stopped talking about it. Her life became about the here and now, discarding her previous experiences and apparently her previous life for the one she lead at Douglass, and until the morning she walked into the dining hall to find Puck sucking face with Quinn Fabray, it ran smoothly.

Mercedes was still at her side as usual, having met her in the living hall of Harrison house that morning, Matt right at her side. Santana, though she would never admit it to anyone, thought that Matt was a good choice for her best friend, sweet, good head on his shoulders and he treated Mercedes better than Santana did which put him in her good books since the two of them started dating.

Laura, the other usual member of their group however was absent, instead sitting at Quinn's side at the table usually only occupied by the two blonde sisters, Mike beside her talking animatedly with the blonde's sister who was across the table.

Santana groaned angrily at the sight, seeing the girl who she took pleasure in torturing sitting with what could possibly be seen as the most popular boys in the school. Mercedes raised a hand at the noise, placing in on the back of Santana's shoulder and leaning in, whispering in the other girl's ear.

Her friend's words changed her angry scowl into a grin and she turned back with a smirk that matched the one Mercedes was wearing. She took her time to survey the room, looking up at the teacher's table and noting that the only member of staff that was still in the hall was the coach, and her grin widened.

The table which sat her targets had clearly noticed her presence as three of them, not including Puck and Quinn turned to look in her direction. The movement however only spurred Santana forward and she started walking across the room, the grin still firmly in place. She watched as Brittany turned away from her as soon as they made eye contact, she found herself moving faster, rolling her tongue across her top teeth as she did so, Mercedes and Matt right behind her.

It seemed to happen in slow motion from there. It took only a few seconds to reach the table, picking up as she walked a full bowl of porridge from in front of an unsuspecting freshman. She steadied it in her hand, placing her palm at the bottom and wrapping her fingers up the side like she was holding a basketball. And then, in one smooth motion, spraying some of its contents across the table to land on Quinn, Puck, Mike and Laura, she upended the bowl on top of the blonde's head, her grin widening as it oozed down the sides of her face.

"Oh Brittany," she said between laughs, having trouble keeping them in check, "I think you need to fix your pony tail before practise, coach won't be happy if you turn up looking like that."

They three of them walked across the room to their table, barely keeping in their laughter which the three of them let loose once they sat at their seats. Santana watched as Quinn stood, finally tearing herself away from Puck long enough to send a glare across the room at Santana and walk around the table to see to her sister. By the time she had reached her however, Tina Cohen-Chang had meandered through the crowded hall with napkins and was cleaning off the blonde's face and hair.

Together, the three girls walked out of the hall but not before Brittany looked over her shoulder at her and sent her a sad smile to which the Latina responded with a nicely timed middle finger in their direction. The blonde in question just turned away and lowered her head, letting her sister and her friend lead her out of the hall.

Her grin remained solid until homeroom, fading as she walked into the room finding Puck sitting at their usual desk.

"Why are you sitting here?" she asked him, throwing her book bag down on the table and taking her seat, not willing to let his presence bother her.

He looked at her with a grin, "This is my seat babe." She rolled her eyes at him, pulling out a magazine and waiting for coach Beiste to make and appearance and mark her present so she could get back to planning the next horrible thing she could do to Brittany. "So what do you say you and I get some grass from Fobbs tonight and get down and dirty while we're high as kites?"

Santana's eyebrows furrowed as she turned and looked at her former boyfriend. "What's wrong Puckerman? She already not putting out, geez, that was fast, what is she, Catholic?"

Puck shrugged, "Quinn is hot and all but I can't deny who I am, I'm not a one woman man, you understood that, I'm guessing you still do, just like I know neither are you, just like I know what you scream when you come and I bet you wouldn't like that one to come out. So…" he said, raising and wiggling his eyebrows at Santana's angry face, "What do you say?"

Her reply was to simply punch his arm and turn her attention back to her magazine.

After Beiste arrived and marked her present, Santana gathered up her book back and made a bee-line for the girls toilets, her mind running frantic as she tried to push thoughts to the back of her head. As she pushed the door to the bathroom open however, her senses were overwhelmed as she found herself face to face with the only girl in the school that smelt like that.

Brittany took a step back instantly, revealing that she wasn't alone in the bathroom. Quinn, Tina and Laura were all resting against the sinks on the opposite side of the room, all scowling in her direction. Santana immediately pulled out her cell phone, shooting off a quick text to Mercedes and Lauren as she took a step further into the room, a grin forming on her face.

"Well, well, well," she spoke, looking directly at Brittany who looked back at her with that blank expression that Santana was yet to decipher, "If it isn't Alice Tinker and her band of dupes," she turned to Quinn, "Let me ask you something Vicar, does it usually take you an hour to stop sucking face with the school's biggest man slut before you check on your poor disabled sister. I mean really, Abby here had basically crossed the room twice before you made it around the table."

She saw Quinn's fists clench and unclench quickly as she spoke, "She isn't disabled," she growled through her teeth.

Santana raised a brow, "No?" she asked, "Could have fooled me. From what I have seen she belongs in a ward, not in a school."

It took only a second for Quinn to launch at her, but Santana was ready and waiting, her grin not wavering as she used Quinn's momentum to push the girl to her side and onto the floor. "If you want to fight me Quinn, just let me know a time and a place, I have no problems messing up that face of yours, or breaking any part of that," she pointed at Brittany and let her eyes travel over her lean and beautiful body, "Body," she finished, her eyes meeting Brittany's for a moment.

Laura and Tina helped Quinn to her feet while Santana crossed the room, taking a seat on the window sill and pulling out a cigarette, "Now, why don't you and your band of retards just toddle off while us big girls chat."

As if on cue, Mercedes and Lauren walked into the bathroom, appearing behind the girls facing off with Santana, as though they were some kind of body guards and Quinn, Laura and Tina moved to escort Brittany out of the bathroom.

Up until lunch, the rest of the day ran smoothly, though without the usual constants of Laura and Puck at her side. Her confidence was boosted however when during their morning break she was approached by three different guys asking her out. She found that she still had the confidence to turn each of them down.

"Puck is an ass anyway," she heard Mercedes saying to her as they walked early through the halls towards their Spanish classroom. "I mean whether he is good in the sack on not, his street cred only comes from the fact that he presents that he is a bad ass. You have that down all on your own."

Santana smiled, "True. I know I don't need him, but there is still no saying that if the offer was there I wouldn't use him for a booty call. Like I said, he had his shit together in the bedroom, even if he is fucked up in every other aspect of his life." Mercedes responded with a chuckle as they walked into the empty Spanish room.

The two girls went about putting chalk dust all over one of the classroom chairs before the bell rang and the two of them took their seats at the back of the room.

The Latina watched as the rest of the class filed into the room, watching closely as Brittany turned the corner to walk through the door, looked up and saw her and after showing a brief sad smile, lowered her head and took a seat in the chair that she and Mercedes had just dusted. Santana turned and saw her friend turn and smirk in her direction before returning her attention to Miss Holiday as she walked into the room.

After Spanish Mercedes and Santana walked behind Brittany, pointing and laughing as they walked to the dining hall for lunch, enjoying that those around them joined in their laughter as they noticed the chalk dust covering the back of Brittany's plaid yellow-grey skirt.

After taking their seats in the dining hall, still chuckling about the chalk dust, Santana heard a high pitched squeal come from across the hall and turned to grin as Brittany was being dusted off by her sister who was talking angrily. Another round of laughter erupted from Mercedes and Lauren and Santana joined them in their hysterics.

It wasn't long before there was more yelling across the hall and Quinn stood from her table, followed by Laura and Tina and then a reluctant Brittany who seemed to be talking softly to try and calm her sister. Nothing seemed to be stopping her though as the group started making their way across the hall towards them, Puck and Matt quickly rising to follow their women on their mission.

"Quinn, don't worry about this, I don't care, just go and sit down." Brittany's voice was almost pleading as the group came into hearing distance, "Please, just leave it."

Mercedes who was sat beside her tapped her under the table and nodded her head in the direction of the teacher's table, and Santana quickly noted that both Principal Figgins and Miss Holiday were sitting at the table, both of them looking in the direction of the advancing group. Rolling her eyes Santana stood as the group continued to advance, almost tripping as one of the wheelchair boys who was sitting behind her moved his chair out at the exact moment she stood.

She turned to glare at him, noting that he was sitting at the table with her fellow Dazzler, Kurt, who also happened to be friends with Mercedes, and his group of gays Blaine and Sam. Biting her lip and holding back the grin for the sake of Kurt, Santana instead sent him a smile and turned her attention back to Quinn.

"What exactly is your problem, Santana? Are you jealous of Britt or are you just that much of a bitch that you need to have at least one person to victimise and you know Britt won't fight back?"

She felt Mercedes stand beside her and out of the corner of her eye she saw and basically felt Lauren, Matt, Kurt, Sam and Blaine take a stand too, moving in behind her. She felt herself smile, "Well that depends, Q" she said, basically spitting out the first letter of the blonde's name, "When did you start caring about your sister, was it when you started fucking Puckerman, because I know he seems like he cares about all that sentimental shit, but really, he wants in your pants and nothing more, or was it when I specifically pointed out how little you actually seemed to care about her, because the timing seems suspicious."

Quinn's fists had been balled through the whole exchange, but she released them and practically seemed to try and shake out the tension in her body when she moved to reply. "Why exactly do you care so much about me protecting Brittany? You're the one putting her through hell, why would it even cross your mind?"

Santana of course had no response to her question, and instead took a step forward and plastered a fake grin of triumph on her face. She lowered her voice however before she spoke, making sure that Quinn was the only one who could heat her, "He can't protect you from me you know. You think you can protect her now just because you have him on your arm? He'll never just be yours, that is who he is, and when he comes crawling back to me, you had better watch out, because then there will be nothing between me and her, get it?"

Her reaction was instant, and this time Santana didn't see it coming. She felt the hit to the side of her face before she even saw Quinn's hand move and she was responding before she knew what she was doing. She could hear the fighting break out all around her, feel as arms and legs and hands moved around her, but she only had one target. Quinn's hand landed in her hair and pulled, and her hands raised and landed in the blonde's in return, tugging with all her might at the blonde strands. She felt her knee come into contact with something hard and looked down to see Artie throwing his fist over his head at Mike's stomach, who was busy reaching for Matt's football jacket as he threw a punch of his own in the direction of Puck.

She couldn't see Brittany, though she saw sure she saw a flash on blonde hair as Quinn managed to pull her over to the nearest table and slam her hip into the side of it, causing Santana to groan in pain and let one hand fall from Quinn's hair and run her fingers down the girls face, pushing hard on it. She flailed out a leg at the same time and felt it connect with the blonde's knee, feeling her body crumple on one side at the impact.

There was yelling coming from all around, but mostly she could hear Miss Holiday screaming "break it up" at the top of her lungs, and not long after she felt herself being pulled away from Quinn.

"All of you!" she heard as she pushed of the senior who had pulled her off Quinn and looked over to where she could see Principal Figgins, "My office! NOW!"

She rolled her eyes at his dramatic hand movements and took a moment to collect her book bag and send a glare at Quinn before she followed her classmates out of the dining hall and into the hallway that lead to the main foyer.

Next: The New Directions

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I'm also loving it and I liked that Vicar Of Dibley reference, made me chuckle.

Ok just read the whole story so far & love it. Can't wait to read more & see what happens between Santana & Britts.

Okay, so, this. is. freaking. amazing.
Really! I can't wait for more. I don't actually read brittana fics, but this one, even though is centered around the four of them, is awesome. I really like bad-ass!Quinn fighting the ever-bitchy-Santana. It needs more Berryness though. :)
Seriously, fantastic. :D

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